Ikuti Sayembara Menulis Open Source




Sepatu FANS bersama BLANKON Linux Indonesia menyelenggarakan Sayembara Menulis Aplikasi Open Source (Linux, LibreOffice, Gimp, Inkscape,dll),. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan lihat ke situs http://panduan.blankonlinux.or.id


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Journey to Gnome Asia Summit 2019

This October, There are two main FOSS events in Indonesia. One is openSUSE Asia Summit in Bali, and the other one is Gnome Asia Summit in Gresik. My company Sepatu Fans sponsored both of the events. I was planning to attend both of the events, but unfortunately I can only attend the Gnome Asia Summit in Gresik.

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Trip to LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019 Tokyo

Early this year, Ahmad Haris asked me If I wanted to visit Japan for LibreOffice Kaigi. My family and I had traveled to Japan several years ago and we had a great time there.

My paper was accepted and I was so happy because not only my company (Fans shoes manufacture) supported me to visit the Conference,but my company also sponsored the event.


Fans Shoes – LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019 Sponsor

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Journey to LibreOffice Conference Indonesia

Before The Conference

It started with the idea of having a Mini Conference (50 – 100) in Surabaya (East Java). At first, we are not too sure if having this kind of Conference will attract a lot of people.

Majority of people here are not familiar with LibreOffice,they probably know only Microsoft Office. Despite some concerns, KLAS (Kelompok Linux Arek Suroboyo) and other open source activists continue to organize this Conference. Around 500 people were coming to the Conference, this is far from the initial target of Mini Conference.

Our company (Fans Shoes Manufacture) have used LibreOffice for more than five years. We were very excited to know about this LibreOffice Conference. Mr Ahmad Haris (My buddy from Blankon Linux) were asking us to contribute to LibreOffice Conference. We are delighted to help. Through the help of Rania Amia, we participated in making promotional video of LibreOffice Conference.


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Keberuntungan Guru TIK, Sepatu FANS, dan Blankon

Berikut adalah sebuah testimoni dari seorang guru TIK yang berhasil memenangkan sayembara menulis BlankOn, Lihat tautan berikut:




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Ulasan Sepatu FANS Blankon hasil sayembara

Berikut adalah ulasan singkat dari Slametux. Beliau adalah aktivis Linux dari Madura yang memenangkan sayembara menulis BlankOn, Liat tuatan berikut:




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Review Sepatu FANS edisi BlankOn dari pemenang sayembara

Berikut adalah review pendek dari Dheeta M Saputri (Pemenang Sayembara BlankOn). Beliau  adalah penulis aktif untuk penggunaan program GIMP di Panduan BlankOn. Lihat tautan berikut:



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Unboxing Sepatu Fans Edisi BlankOn

Review sepatu FANS edisi BlankOn dari rumah Btech Bogor, silahkan liat tautan berikut:


unboxing sepatu blankon

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